Three Ways to Say “Congratulations” For Marriage


Is it still acceptable to write “Congratulations” for marriage?

Yes. However, in times past, saying congratulations for marriage to a bride was believed to imply you congratulated her on finding a man. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, but if the couple had a traditional ceremony, you may want to say “Best wishes” instead. There are many three acceptable ways to say congratulations for marriage.


Example 1 : “You have my sincerest congratulations on your new marriage. I can’t tell you the last time I felt so positive about a couple. I hope you are together 50 years from now and just as happy.”

Example 2: “I am passing on my deepest congratulations for your marriage on behalf of the staff. Though some of us haven’t met your husband, we are sure you made the best choice. We hope you accept this gift a symbol of best wishes for the start of a long life together.”

Example 3: “ As you look forward to this big day, I think you and Mike are an ideal match. I just wanted to send congratulations your way. Here’s a small gift we hope you wait to open before you go on your honeymoon because you will find it useful for the occasion. We toast the many years you will have together.”