After The Wedding

After the Wedding

The marriage license that you will receive after the wedding has taken place will have your new last name on it. However, this does not mean that your name has been officially changed. There are still a number of people you need to notify, such as the social security office and the DMV. This can be quite a time consuming process, but the main stages are explained in more detail below.

The Marriage License Is The First Step

Before you begin notifying people of your change of name, then you will need a copy of your marriage license to use as proof. This should be sent out to you automatically, but if this has not been the case then you will need to contact the clerk’s office in order to request a copy.

Update Your Social Security Card

Your social security number will remain the same after the wedding, but you will still need a new card that shows your new name. An application form can be downloaded from the website, and this can then be filled in and mailed to your local office. You may have to wait up to ten days before your new card is received.

Inform The DMV

You will need to go to your local DMV office in order to update your drivers license. You should take your old license with you, as well as a copy of your marriage license. It may be worth taking some other form of ID as well just to be on the safe side.

Inform Your Bank

Whether you want to open a new account in your married name, or change your name on an existing account, the best place to do this is in your local branch. Take your new driving license and the marriage license with you and this will make the whole process a lot easier.

Deal With Whoever Is Left

You will probably find that for some time after the wedding has taken place that you will come across people that need to be informed of your change of name. Once the most important name changes have been made, these others can be dealt with as they arise.